Security & Privacy Evaluations

Below lies a list of analyses regarding security and privacy focused topics. The security assessments make no attempt at evaluating security based on the number of former vulnerabilities in a particular program. Instead, criteria involve the software's overall security posture and ease of exploitation. Primarily, the assessments include an analysis of the software's attack surface exposure, as well as the adoption of modern defensive techniques. In particular, they study the deployed exploit mitigations and the extent to which different parts of the software are compartmentalised, as is necessary to reduce the potential harm a successful exploit could produce. Note that these analyses are purely objective and do not account for threat models or other user-dependent factors.

Likewise, the privacy evaluations are focused on meaningful approaches to achieving privacy, rather than incomplete and misguided approaches, as is common elsewhere. It is important to create a clear distinction between privacy and security to avoid conflating the subjects of any particular article.




Hi! 👋 My name is "Nihal". I'm a student studying at Ramagya School. I am a contributor to Bitwarden. My website tends to provide some privacy and security evaluations. If you would like to contact me, you can reach me in this website's repository of my GitHub profile. I am often active in there. If you would like to support my work, just spread it to as much people you can. Show care about your privacy, and explain anyone who thinks that 'what is private, is secure too!' is not necessary.

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